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increased customer loyalty *

(instant refunds enhance repurchase intentions)


customer satisfaction *

(when given the option for instant refunds)


increased revenue

(bigger purchases and faster repeat customers)


retailer cash flow improvement

(extended refund period)

* Source: The Strawhecker Group, LLC
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Embolden your customers to buy with confidence by partnering with Apace

When your customers return merchandise, they receive their instant refund payment in their bank account with a minor deduction.
You are later invoiced for the refund with no additional charge.

See our Return Reimbursement Program to replenish costs associated with the return process

Apace offers your customers two efficient options for instant refunds

Option 1

Early Instant Refund™

At time of drop shipping

Description: This option allows the customer to receive the refund prior to the retailer's approval of the return request. The customer can receive the refund as soon as they ship the merchandise

Our simple process

The customer receives a return label and tracking information

  • Shares the tracking information with Apace

    By adding the tracking number in Apace or uploading a copy of the shipping label

  • Provides basic credit information to Apace

    Light credit check which does not affect credit score

  • Gets an instant refund in their bank

    Minor customer deduction

Option 1 at starting pointOption 2 at starting point

Option 2

Duly Instant Refund™

At time of retailer's approval

Description: This option allows for the customer to receive the refund once the retailer has approved the return request. The customer can expect the refund instantly rather than waiting 5-14 business days

Our simple process

Customer gets a notification email from the retailer that they accepted the return

  • Requests instant refund through Apace

    On the merchants website or via an email link

  • Provides basic information to Apace

    No credit check or screening needed

  • Gets an instant refund in their bank

    Minor customer deduction

Option 1 at starting pointOption 2 at starting point

We work in close partnership with the retailer.

Easy non-intrusive system integration
Negotiable invoice terms
Detailed transaction info provided
Full retailer portal included
Network transaction ID provided for each refund

Be reimbursed by Apace!

By enabling the Return Reimbursement Program (RRP) option with Apace you can replenish up to 2% of every return cost.

Customers who opt-in to Apace instant refunds, will generate a reimbursement payment to the retailer associated with that specific return.

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Advanced refund management system for merchants

Apace Refunds - easy integration

Simple integration.
Satisfied customers.

Apace offers a simple plug-and-play integration with a detailed developers documentation and full sandbox environment.

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Platform integration

Custom & simple integration for Shopify users

Affiliate opportunities with Apace

Partner with the Leader in Instant-Refunds.

Work with Apace to implement the Most Innovative Solution in eCommerce Payments. Empower all of your Customers to receive Early or Instant Refunds on all eligible returns.

Find the solution that best fits your Partnership needs.

Referral Partnership: Referral arrangements are designed so you can empower your network with the Apace Refunds solution. Know a retailer who would benefit from 24% Increased Revenue or 30% Cash Flow Improvement? This Partnership is the best fit for you.

Marketplace Solution: Marketplace relationships are formed to create a seamless solution for your greater vendor ecosystem. This can range from a "Technology Marketplace Listing" to a "Feature Co-Marketing Relationship".

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From the Apace roadmap

Apace Debit™

Apace Debit™


The Apace Debit™ card will allow customers to keep track of all refunds in one place and will provide accessible funds for purchases.


Joseph Walker

CEO, Chameleon Global

We see many customers having to cancel / rebook their travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Customers spend large sums of money on their vacations and travel experiences so when they have to cancel, many customers have to wait until their refunds hit their account, which can prolong the rebooking, sometimes by two weeks or much more!
Apace has been a game-changing solution for our customers to be able to get their money back or rebook their trips, INSTANTLY..

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