Get your instant refund in real-time.

Don't wait 5-14 business days to receive your refund when returning your purchase to the retailer.

Eliminate refund anxiety.
Use Apace to get refunded instantly.


How it works

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Request an instant refund for your return.

When returning an item to a retailer that has a partnership with Apace, your retailer will send you an offer via email to proceed with Apace. Accept that instant refund offer and request your money instantly!

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Our mission is simple. To get you your money refunded instantly.



Money comes and goes. Too often, waiting for a refund ties up your money for weeks. Apace unties that knot and gives you immediate control of your refund.



The Apace fee structure is simple and always the same. 1.9% (for some merchants 2.5%) of the total refund amount gets deducted. Never more. Never less.



Apace makes your shopping experience flexible and stress-free. With Apace, your refund will be in your bank account instantly allowing you to freely repurchase or rebook.

Don’t let your money be in limbo.
Be in control of your refund.
Get it instantly

The process is simple. You'll get an email once you issue a return, create your account with Apace and receive your instant refund. The whole process should take 3 minutes or less.


Shop with Apace

Net-0 instant refund shopping experience!

We're teaming up with top-tier merchants to offer you exclusive cash-back deals on your next purchases. Our Net-0 program offers you cash-back making your instant refund Free! Stay tuned for premium offerings from your favorite retailers and more, only with Apace.

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Your Frequently Asked Questioned, answered.

No, Apace is not a loan.

Apace simply bridges the gap. The money belongs to you at the point of approved return; Apace simply helps to get it in your pocket faster. We do this by issuing a cash advance from the time of return until the money would theoretically hit your account (anywhere from 4-16 days)
Make sure to look for a retailer that has a partnership with Apace. You will have an option to utilize Apace services in the return process. Note: In order to use Apace, retailers must have an existing partnership. Apace does not provide direct to consumer servicing.
Apace is bank/debit card agnostic meaning we can push your money to you, anytime + anywhere.
Yes, Apace operates 24/7/365. Apace knows the importance of having your money when you need it, where you need it.
Your funds will hit your account instantly.
We are happy to help you with any questions. Just email us at

Make a difference

We want your input! Let us know which of your favorite retailers you want to see partner with Apace. Enjoy instant refunds at the places you shop most!

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